• LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs

    Building Skills for Autism, social anxiety, and speech delays one brick at a time.

    Calling all Master Builders! School-aged peer groups provide a platform to address social skill-building strategies. We make learning fun by playing to a child’s strengths, not their disabilities.

    LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs
  • Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups

    Feeding Team is Scheduling Evaluations Now!

    Discovering FOOD feeding groups utilize a team of therapists to help guide you and your child through the process from exploring different foods to enjoying mealtime.

    Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups
  • Pediatric Therapy Programs

    Great Supplement to Traditional Therapy

    We offer a wide variety of individual and group programs focusing on social, emotional, language, and motor skill development for children of all ages.

    Pediatric Therapy Programs
  • Pediatric Therapy Services

    We Are In-Network with Your Insurance

    Our play-based therapy services focus on the goals you set for your child. Call to verify your insurance benefits and schedule an evaluation with one of our skilled therapists.

    Pediatric Therapy Services