• Make a big splash with Aquatic Therapy!

    CTC announces partnership with YMCA

    Water-based therapy can be just the challenge, or motivation, your child needs!  Join us at the Benjamin Harrison YMCA.  Immediate appointments available now!

    Make a big splash with Aquatic Therapy!
  • GoBabyGo! Modified Cars for Kids

    Get Your Child Moving – In Style!

    A customized set of power wheels, part therapy and part engineering, enables independent movement in children with special needs at a young age, not to mention they look cool too!

    GoBabyGo! Modified Cars for Kids
  • LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs

    Building Skills for Autism, social anxiety, and speech delays one brick at a time.

    Calling all Master Builders! School-aged peer groups provide a platform to address social skill-building strategies. We make learning fun by playing to a child’s strengths, not their disabilities.

    LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs
  • Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups

    Feeding Team is Scheduling Evaluations Now!

    Discovering FOOD feeding groups utilize a team of therapists to help guide you and your child through the process from exploring different foods to enjoying mealtime.

    Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups