• LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs

    Building Skills for Autism, social anxiety, and speech delays one brick at a time.

    Calling all Master Builders! School-aged peer groups provide a platform to address social skill-building strategies. We make learning fun by playing to a child’s strengths, not their disabilities.

    LEGO® Skill Builder Clubs
  • Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups

    Feeding Team is Scheduling Evaluations Now!

    Discovering FOOD feeding groups utilize a team of therapists to help guide you and your child through the process from exploring different foods to enjoying mealtime.

    Discovering FOOD Feeding Groups
  • 2018 Preschool Prep Summer Camp Now Enrolling!

    Weekday mornings from June 18-July 13

    Our Summer Camp provides a creative and enriching setting for your child. Designed to address developmental delays and improve your child’s transition to school.

    2018 Preschool Prep Summer Camp Now Enrolling!
  • Pediatric Therapy Programs

    Great Supplement to Traditional Therapy

    We offer a wide variety of individual and group programs focusing on social, emotional, language, and motor skill development for children of all ages.

    Pediatric Therapy Programs